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Tile Bed Remediation

When tile beds fail

If your tile bed fails, your system will stop working properly. You may have limited or no flow from the septic tank to the tile bed. This will cause your septic tank to fill faster than it should. You may even end up with wastewater exiting the tank or not leaving your house. If this happens we can help.


After determining the source of the problem we will do everything we can to minimize disruption and digging. Our technicians are trained to quickly find the problem and remove it. Blocked or damaged pipes or problems with the distribution box can be fixed fairly easily and with minimal expense.

Septic Tank Pumping

What should I do before the pump truck arrives?

Make sure the driveway is clear of all obstacles for our driver. If your tank access lids are buried or covered with dirt, clear them as best you can.

How long will it take?

It depends on how big your tank is, but generally we will be on your property for 20-10 minutes.

Will there be an odour?

If you are near the tank when lid is open, the smell of methane gas from the decomposition process may be quite strong. However it will stop when the lid goes back on the tank.

Effluent Filters

What you need to know

Effluent filters increase the life of your septic system by stopping solids and debris from leaving the tank and clogging the perforated pipe which leads to your drain field. This protects against potentially disruptive and expensive repairs. Effluent filters should be inspected and cleaned annually for optimum performance. Because they are positioned inside the septic tank, they should be inspected and cleaned by qualified personnel who are familiar with septic system operations. A dirty filter can cause your entire septic system to slow down, or back up. If you are experiencing poor system performance, and already have an effluent filter installed it’s likely time to have it inspected and cleaned. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Lid Risers

What they do

Lid risers are plastic rings and lid tops which are attached to your septic tank and are designed to raise the access opening of the tank above ground level. This makes maintenance easier and improves safety by reducing the likelihood of having anything fall into the septic tank. Lid risers are required for new septic tank installations under the Canada Building Code. They are recommended for all systems, and can be attached to your existing tank.

Inspection Reports for Home and Cottage Real Estate Transactions

What we do for you

Our qualified personnel will do an on-site inspection of a property’s septic system. Whether you are buying or selling, we can help give you peace of mind before a real estate deal is completed. Homes or cottages, commercial or residential, we can identify potential areas of concern so you are not surprised later.